/casually sticks a finger up his nose.


[Pushes the human child down.]


By the way, daycare is lame. :U

They made us color in the lines. What kinda cruel person would make us color in the lines? >:U

Daycare is totally lame. Doesn’t that old guy know another old guy who actually lives in a daycare? :U

Adults are so weird.

I go to daycare starting tomorrow!

I’m kinda scared. :U

What if I forget my pencils and stuff? What if people make fun of my diaper? What if people laugh because I can’t walk real good or anything?

[/hugs Tympole close]

But Tympole’ll always be with me, right, buddy? You’ll be with me through daycare, okay? :U

[/squishes Tympole]

gemgremlin started following you


Maaaaaaaa ; A;

It’s big in here. :U

I was gone for the last few days ‘cause Uncle Leith was bringin’ me to Momma’s castle. And it was a really, really long bus ride and Uncle Leith forgot Tympole’s PokéBall at home, so we had to double back and get it. And on the way to Momma’s castle, Uncle Leith got us lost. Three times.

And did I mention that we were taking the bus? :U Uncle Leith is kinda silly sometimes.

I wonder if Auntie Lewie is doing okay? I mean, he has that giant Rattata thing with him, right? o wo

But it’s so big in here. And I’m stuck on the first floor ‘cause I can’t walk real well yet.

… this is kinda lame.

I dunno, these guys might have a point. :U

magmapenzey replied to your post: I keep finding candy lying around at home.

eat both like a bawse

/eats both the candy and the wrapper like a bawse